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1. How to sign in to Instaminutes?

Just sign in via your Gmail or any ID 📧 using this link or click on the Sign-up button here. That will be all you need to do to Sign in on Instaminutes.

2. Do I need to install anything to use Instaminutes?

There is an option to use Instaminutes through a desktop 💻 app and as a Chrome Extension. You can download the app by signing in to your Instaminutes account, and going to Integrations. To download📥 the extension, visit this link.

3. I don't use Google Calendar, how can I use Instaminutes?

Sign up/login, on your Dashboard go to ‘Integrations’ and Select the Calendar📅 that is synced with your login ID and holds your events.

4. How to add a Chrome extension?

Add Chrome extension using this link or from Instaminutes Dashboard. It will take you to Chrome marketplace and there just click on 'Add to Chrome' that's it. 

5. Can I use the Chrome extension on other browsers?

Yes. You can use the Instaminutes Chrome extension on any modern Chromium-based browser like Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc.

6. Is there anything how-to document/ video for Instaminutes?

Yes. Here is the link.

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