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1. Is Instaminutes really free?

Yes. Instaminutes is free, and our core product will be free forever. We also have our premium version with advanced features in the future. For early users, we are giving away advanced features for free for a limited time.

2. Is Instaminutes secured?

Yes. It's totally secure🔒 and complies with GDPR policies. Check our Security section to get more details.

3. How is Instaminutes unique?

Instaminutes is the only AI tool in the market that give you key takeaways. Also, Instaminutes AI keeps learning from you what's important most to you and your work.

Every other tool in the market converts your audio into text, but no transcription tool gives you the overall summary of the conversation or key takeaways.

5-6 key takeaways that you can read/listen within a couple of minutes is always better than just getting 5000 words lengthy document 📝.

4. Does Instaminutes work for multilingual languages?

Currently, we are focusing on English language. Our AI R&D team is working to add more languages, like Hindi, Spanish, French, etc.

5. Does Instaminutes give me a real-time transcript?

Yes. Instaminutes Chrome extension gives you real-time⏱️ transcript and power to train Instaminutes AI as per your work. You can also access the whole transcript in case you want to add more key takeaways from your transcript.

6. How can I train an AI assistant to take better notes for me?

You can use the Instaminutes Chrome extension in your meetings and select key points that you think are really important to you and your work. AI assistant will learn from that and will give you better notes as you train and use it more.

7. Can I use Instaminutes on mobile?

Yes, you can. Just sign in via this link, and add your Google calendar. Then go to settings⚙️, make it 'Join all my meetings', and save.

Instaminutes notetaker will join even when you have meeting via any meeting android/IOS app.

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