How to share notes with others on Instaminutes?


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You can share your summarized meeting notes 📝 with the required teammates with a few easy steps. They can edit 🖊️ and share the meeting notes further as per their needs.

Share Meeting Notes

Instaminutes offers sharing feature via email, slack, HubSpot, etc. Here’s how to do it:-

1. Go to Instaminutes Dashboard

2. Choose the meeting whose notes you want to share

3. Click on ‘Share’ at the top right 

After that, you can either ‘Add a new attendee’ and send the notes right to their email 📧


Copy the public link of the notes and share it on any platform you choose.

Adding a new attendee

1. After clicking on ‘Share’, a pop-up window will open

2. Click on “Add Attendee” under the share button

3. Type in the email address 📧 of the person you want to share the notes 📝 with

3. Press Enter

An email will be sent as a notification to the person when the notes are shared. They can also find the shared notes on their Instaminutes Dashboard.

NOTE: You can add multiple emails at a time if you want to send the notes to a group of people.

Sharing by Public Link

1. After clicking on ‘Share’ a pop-up window will open

2. Scroll to the bottom of that window and Click on ‘Copy Public Link’

3. Share the link 🔗 with anyone on any platform by just pasting it

There are many platforms where you can share your summarized notes 📝 with ease with these sharing capabilities of Instaminutes.

📘 Learn more on how to take meeting notes here.

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