How to use Instaminutes with Google meet?


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Instaminutes can join your meetings in a few different ways to take your meeting notes and summarize them. You can use Instaminutes’ Chrome extension to take notes of meetings and conference calls that you choose.

📘 Learn more about Installing Instaminutes’ Chrome extension here

After installing the extension, follow these steps to get your meeting notes in Google Meet.

1. Start Recording

Complete the sign-up process before taking notes in the meeting, It’ll be a one-time process for ease of use in the future.

📘 Learn more about How to sign up on Instaminutes here.

After that, whenever you join a meeting-

1. Click on the Instaminutes logo on the extension bar of the browser

2. Click on the button in the middle to start getting notes

3. Click on the “Stop” button when you’re done taking notes 📝

Note: You can add a meeting title by clicking on “Enter Meeting Title” bar when the extension starts.

You can check the note 📝 of the meeting by clicking the Meeting Card you want. Editing 🖊️and sharing the notes is easy as well.

📘 Learn more on How to share your notes here.

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