How can I use Instaminutes with any meeting tool?


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Instaminutes have several ways to join meetings for your convenience. 

Instaminutes Notetaker joins your meetings as per your settings ⚙️, which can be adjusted in your dashboard.

Note: - Notetaker works for both desktop/laptop 💻 and mobile devices 📱.

1. How to add Instaminutes Notetaker?

1. On your Instaminutes Dashboard, go to Settings ⚙️

2. Go to Personal Settings > Notetaker Settings

3. Select “All Events” under “Instaminutes Notetaker will join”

By this, Instaminutes will join your scheduled meetings synced with Google Calendar 📅 automatically.

Once you’ve configured Notetaker’s settings ⚙️, you can join your meeting either on a desktop 💻 or on a mobile 📱 device. Instaminutes notetaker will automatically join your meetings.

2. Share meeting notes on Email/Slack

You can share your meeting notes 🗈 quickly, there are 2 ways to do it

A. Sharing notes automatically

B. Sharing notes manually

A. Sharing notes automatically

1. On the Instaminutes dashboard, go to Settings ⚙️

2. Select Personal Settings > Notetaker Settings

3. Under “Notes will be sent to”, Select your preferred way to share the notes

B. Sharing notes manually

1. On your Dashboard, Select the meeting notes you want to share

2. Click on ‘Share’ at the top right 

After that, you can either “Add an attendee” to share the notes via email, or you share them on any platform by copying the shareable public link.

Using Instaminutes Notetaker on Microsoft Teams and Google Meet has a few different but easy steps.

How to cancel an Invite before a meeting? 

In case you don’t want to record any specific meeting or class,

Do this:

1. Go to Instaminutes Dashboard

2. Under all upcoming meetings, Select “Cancel Invite” 

You can stop Notetaker from joining any meetings automatically, which can be permanent if you want.

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