How to train Instaminutes AI to increase accuracy?


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Instaminutes gives you the flexibility to train its A.I. to prepare meeting notes as per your use.

Each meeting and each user has a different style of taking meeting notes📝. That's where Instaminutes comes into the picture.

As Instaminutes has different ways of taking your notes, so there are 2 different ways by which you can train your Instaminutes A.I.

📌 Training the AI on Chrome Extension

Using the Chrome extension gives you Live Captioning of the meeting on your screen.

To train the AI you need to click the note in the Live caption pop-up.

This way you can manually train your Instaminutes AI, and it will select the important key takeaways for your next meeting.

📌 Training the AI for Desktop App

For Desktop App, You need to train the AI with editing your meeting transcript itself.

So once your meeting is done,

1. Click on ‘Go to notes’ 📝 and you will be redirected to Instaminutes Dashboard.

2. After the redirect, open the meeting notes

3. Go to the transcription section

4. Click & edit 🖊️ on anything.

This way, Insta AI will learn the important keywords from your edits.

You can also, select and highlight the text to “Add to Instanotes”. This will help AI to learn more specific key points that will be required in your meeting notes 📝.

Instaminutes upcoming feature:

We are going to bring advanced features like Rule bases summarization for e.g. if a sentence contains “please do this” then the label will be “Action item”. It will be added to the summary and labeled🏷️ as action items.

Users will be able to create as many rules as they want for their custom vocabulary or frequent words they use. AI will be learning and picking similar words with the same labels as you move forward.

Have any feedback or need any help, please contact our support at [email protected]

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