How to upload recorded audio to Instaminutes?


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Instaminutes have a couple of ways to get your Summarized Meeting Notes to you. One of those is our feature to upload 📤 audio or video.

After signing in to Instaminutes, here’s what you need to do -

1. On your Dashboard, Scroll down a bit

2. On the right, Locate “Upload audio file”

3. Click on the Upload button or drag and drop the files

4. Enter the meeting title you want

5. Click on “Create Notes” 🗈

6. After the processing is completed, Click on “Go To Notes”

Note: After processing, Notes can take up to 5–10 minutes to show up on your Dashboard, depending on the size of the file. 

You can summarize your meetings in a few different ways, i.e. Notetaker, Chrome Extension, Desktop App

Learn more on how to get your notes with each of them here-


-->Chrome Extension

-->Desktop App

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