How does Instaminutes AI summarize your meetings?


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1. How Instaminutes AI summarizes your meetings? 

Our Dev team has developed a proprietary DNN + linguistic-based architecture that has been optimized to find the key points in any type of conversation.

In a meeting, we talk on multiple agendas, our AI, first breaks the whole conversation into multiple chunks and then summarizes it into key takeaways.

The patent for our core technology has been accepted and will be published within the next 18 months📈.

2. What’s the accuracy of Instaminutes?

Our proven accuracy is ~95%, only varying as per accents or if multiple people are speaking at the same point in time⌛.

Accuracy is reported to be higher when one person is speaking and the other is listening quietly.

On YouTube videos, we have seen accuracy reaching up to 99%.  

3. What interface do Instaminutes use during calls, and how does it work?

During meetings, the Chrome extension works as a simple plugin to capture audio directly from the laptop’s mic and speaker. But it captures only the tab where the meeting is open. It won’t capture any audio of other tabs.

For the notetaker, your personal AI assistant joins the meeting as an attendee. It’s a bot, so it doesn’t have a mic and can’t produce any sounds, remaining mute during the whole call. It’s only there to record your meeting and summarize them.   

4. What access is required for Instaminutes?

Instaminutes needs access to your Google calendar 📅. Without it, Instaminutes won’t know the links to scheduled meetings and where to send the notes. 

5. What data do we extract from Google Calendar?

We extract meeting titles so that we can add them to your notes automatically, keeping everything in sync for you.

Meeting attendees are also extracted so that we can share meeting notes. That only happens as per your Instaminutes settings ⚙️. You’ll need to choose “Only me” to share the notes manually.

Have any feedback or need any help, please contact our support at [email protected] 

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